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Luxury chocolate

: Swiss chocolate - a treat for the times we live in. It's sure to say that the words 'chocolates' and 'innovation' don't necessarily go together in most people's minds. In actual fact, the reality is very different. The Maison Cailler is the epitome of an establishment that has two centuries' worth of history to its name but which at the same time is ready to tackle the questions thrown up by an ever-evolving market. The company's chocolate experts are at the heart of all this. For instance, for every luxury chocolate assortment there's a chocolate box to go with it. The Maison Cailler designers aim to create gifts that look as good as they taste, but which are also environmentally-responsible. That's why their chocolate box design is held together entirely without adhesive. The creative spirit also shines through in this gorgeous selection of chocolates and chocolate box assortments. The more daring amongst us could maybe experiment with pink peppercorn ganache, and those with more conventional tastes will absolutely adore these chocolate-almond combinations.

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